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Pacifistar offers a large range of premium services to help you to develop your business. We provide services in various industry.

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We specially select teams for every project, to ensure each event gets the attention of the people who have the most relevant technical skills, languages and knowledge.

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Why choose Pacifistar?

Pacifistar is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalising their event experiences, to providing an innovative environment, and to making a difference.

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Pacifistar commitment

Pacifistar strive to share the experience we acquire across our organisation, our staff bring exceptional location knowledge to projects, as well as a deep understanding of cultural issues.

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Benefits of working with us

For over 10 years, we've been fine-tuning how we do things so that you can benefit from our deep knowledge and experience.


Professionalism is the conduct, behavior and attitude of someone in a work or business environment.  A person doesn’t have to work in a specific profession to demonstrate the important qualities and characteristics of a professional.  Professionalism leads to workplace success, a strong professional reputation and a high level of work ethic and excellence.


Workplace flexibility emphasizes the willingness and ability to adapt to change, particularly regarding how and when work gets done. In a flexible workplace, the needs of both employee and employer are met. Workplace flexibility is often used as a tool for retaining and engaging employees. It can also help an organization reach its goals thanks to improved productivity.


Reactive strategies are those that respond to some unanticipated event only after it occurs, while proactive strategies are designed to anticipate possible challenges. Because no one can anticipate every possibility, no organization can be proactive in every situation. However, we emphasize proactive strategy are usually more effective at dealing with challenges.


Corporate innovation means having out-of-the-box thinking as a strategy within your business. Corporate innovation can refer to product innovation, division innovation or business model innovation. To put this into perspective, Uber and Netflix, for example, disrupted the taxi and video rental industries respectively with business model innovation.

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Corporate responsibility

Our goal is to protect customers’ interests over the long term.


We have high standards. We execute on the details. We take pride in our work.


Loyalty stands for commitment and dedication to our customer and mission.


The foundation on which coworkers build relationships is our of fundamental values.


Diversity enhances our creativity, and drives our values-driven business forward.