Intermediation services

Intermediation involves the "matching" of lenders with savings to borrowers who need money by an agent or third party, such as a bank. If this matching is successful, the lender obtains a positive rate of return, the borrower receives a return for risk taking and entrepreneurship and the banker receives a return for making the successful match. If the borrower's speculative play with the funds provided by the bank does not pay off, the bank can face significant losses on its loan portfolio, and if the bank fails its depositors can lose some of their money if the deposits are not insured by a third party.

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What do we do?

We provide a wide range of services with solutions adapted to your needs.


Startup plan

Essential services for simple business.

  • Networking
  • Market study
  • Opportunities analysis
  • Contract

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Custom services designed for ultimate experience.

  • Tailor-made on-demand
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